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Brampton Mitsubishi Staff

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  • Mike Picallo
    General Manager

    Meet Mike Picallo, Brampton Mitsubishi's General Manager. Mike believes that good customer service is the key to success in this industry. It is the philosophy of making sure that the customer feels understood, appreciated and valued. It means doing everything possible to ensure that the customer's experience is a great one. Mike views Mitsubishi as a company that is rich in heritage. It is a company that prides itself on producing top quality products worldwide. Mike's motivation to success is his family's well-being and happiness. "Life is like a camera. Focus on what's important, capture the good times, develop from the negatives and if things don't work out, take another shot." This quote is how Mike perceives life. Please feel free to contact Mike by email or on twitter @mikepicallo

  • Bobby Aubi
    General Sales Manager

    Come in and meet Bobby Aubi. She is our General Sales Manager.  She has been with Brampton Mitsubishi since 2011. Bobby believes Customer Service is everything and happy customers are the best customers! She started off on the sales floor so many of her customers know first hand the customer service they received under her care.  Since then, she has grown within our organization.  Bobby makes sure all of her customers are taken care of to her extent, and in her words "she lives here" so she is always available to any of her customers to handle any concerns they may have. The desire to improve and do better is what motivates her every day. Bobby believes that hard work and perseverance will take you far in life. She prides herself on delivering outstanding customer service and looks forward to earning referrals from her satisfied clients.  Please feel free to contact Bobby by email or on twitter @bobbyaubi

  • Rahul Santimano
    Product Advisor

    Meet Rahul Santimano, our Top Sales Consultant of the year since 2013. He believes good customer service is fulfilling client's needs and leaving a great impression and experience. Working at the #1 volume Mitsubishi Dealership, Rahul takes pride and joy in his job and enjoys seeing each client happy. He does whatever he can to satisfy every need that a client has when purchasing a vehicle. Rahul has a passion for fast cars and sports. Soccer is his favourite but he also enjoys playing baseball and basketball. Please feel free to contact Rahul by email or on twitter @RahulSantimano.

  • Sirhan Vega
    Product Advisor

    Meet Sirhan Vega, our Sales Consultant. Sirhan joined our team in 2013 and has been with us ever since. Sirhan prides his work on good customer service. This means to ensure that every customer that steps into the dealership leaves with great satisfaction. Mitsubishi has been a great brand of cars that Sirhan has known about since growing up in the Philippines, and he is proud to see the improvements that have been done to their design and quality. Sirhan's motivation is fulfilling each client's needs by putting them into the vehicle that satisfies everything they are looking for. Sirhan is at his best when each client leaves the dealership with a smile upon delivery! Sirhan speaks Tagalog fluently.  Please feel free to contact Sirhan by email or on twitter @nahris83.

  • Colton Ferguson
    Product Advisor

    Meet Colton Ferguson, Brampton Mitsubishi's Sales Consultant. Colton joined our team in 2014. Colton believes that when you provide good service, you obtain loyal customers and good words are passed on about yourself and the company! Colton enjoys the fact that Mitsubishi's vehicles are quality built and affordably priced. One of Colton's motivation factors is earning his client's business. Take life one day at a time. Everyone has the same 24 hours in a day; it just depends on how you use them. Colton's accolades include winning Mitsubishis Regional Walk Around Competition, which means Colton is more than well versed in our product. Coltons interests include playing football, hockey and video games! Please feel free to contact Colton by email or on twitter @itscfergs

  • Sunny Wirring
    Product Advisor

    Meet Sunny Wirring, Brampton Mitsubishis Sales Consultant.  Sunny joined our team in 2015. Sunny believes that every customer deserves the best customer service.  His focus since joining our team has been to give everyone the best customer service experience.  Sunny is driven by the fact that is a part of the #1 Volume Dealer in the GTA.  He loves our warranty and is experienced in selling both new and used vehicles.  Sunny can speak both Punjabi and Hindi.  Sunny has a passion for sports. He currently plays hockey! Come see Sunny and fall in love with his personality where he puts his customers at ease with his fun loving personality. Please feel free to contact Sunny by email. 

  • Paul Ahuja
    Parts & Service Manager

    Meet Paul Ahuja, Brampton Mitsubishi's Parts Department Manager. Paul is eager and motivated among many other traits. To Paul, providing high quality service is the most important aspect of a business. Paul says that Mitsubishi is a great product, but in order to know that, you must own one! Paul's knowledge, experience and his family motivate him. Paul knows that life is beautiful if you know how to enjoy every moment. "Believe in today, learn for yesterday and hope for tomorrow." 

  • Alisha Mustapha
    Service advisor

  • Rohan Persaud

  • Melissa Zarro
    Part-Time Receptionist

  • Ray Ali

    Ray is a Service Technician at Brampton Mitsubishi. He is an eager and cheerful person. His goal is to deliver a high level of customer service and make sure that the customer is happy and satisfied. Ray feels that Brampton Mitsubishi has a great work environment with friendly staff who loves to help people and work as a team. Ray's views on life are simple: "You only live once."

  • Arnold Ramrattan

  • Daniel Hickey

  • Mohammed M.

  • Brandon Sam
    Service Apprentice

  • Wilberforce Q.
    Shuttle Driver Attendant

    Wilberforce is one of our Shuttle Driver's at Brampton Mitsubishi. Wilber believes that as long as the customer is happy, the company has given the best customer service possible. Wilberforce likes the fact that Mitsubishi produces good products that are reliable, as he hears these comments from clients directly. Wilber's motivation comes from his experience, superiors, and family.  Wilber believes in today, learns from yesterday, and hopes for tomorrow.  

  • John Paul

  • Jacqueline Duong

  • Robert Simbhu

  • Christopher Aiello

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