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The Man Who Started It All - Yataro Iwasaki

Yataro Iwasaki 1835-1885Mitsubishi goes back to 1870 when founder Yataro Iwasaki, started a shipping firm with three again steamships. As president and set Yataro's brother, son and nephew expanded the Mitsubishi business into various fields. After WWII, the Mitsubishi organization was disbanded to become independent companies as they are today.

Yataro Iwasaki was an ambitious entrepreneur who began his career in the employ of the Tosa clan. The clan held business interest in many parts of Japan, which whetted the young man's ambition.

Yataro Iwasaki studied under the reformist Toyo Yoshida. It was Yoshida who influenced him with ideas about opening up the then-closed nation and of development and industry. Through his association with Yoshida, Yataro landed a position as a clerk for the Tosa government. He saved diligently and bought back the family's samurai status.

Yoshida's assassination in 1862 caused Yataro to lose his connections. It wasn't until Yoshida's nephew gained status that he was appointed to the clan's trading office in Nagasaki. Yataro rose to the top position at the office in only three months. His job was to buy ships, weapons, and ammunition for the Tosa clan. Yataro exported camphor oil, Japanese paper and other products to finance those purchases.

The company adopted the name Mitsubishi in March 1873, when Yataro became president officially. "Mitsubishi" means the three-diamond crest which is a blend of the Tosa and Iwasaki emblems. He gradually acquired more ships and expanded its passenger and freight services. Yataro taught the sons of former aristocrats to put the customer first.

A New Beginning

Mitsubishi Motors HistoryThe old Mitsubishi organization ended in 1946. The Mitsubishi holding company was dissolved while the trading house fragmented into hundreds of independent enterprises. Most of the Mitsubishi companies abandoned the name and emblem under pressure from the occupation forces.

In 1952, the San Francisco Peace Treaty was concluded and Japan regained a welcome place in the international community.

In 1954, more than 100 companies that had been part of the trading house, Mitsubishi Corporation, merged to reestablish that company. Similarly, the principal components of Mitsubishi Heavy Industries reunited in 1964. Mitsubishi companies that had abandoned that name after the war began using it and the three-diamond mark again.

Japan was the scene of unprecedented economic growth in the 1950s and 1960s, and the Mitsubishi companies were very much a part of that growth in their established industries and in new ones.

To commemorate the centennial anniversary of the founding of the first Mitsubishi company, the Mitsubishi companies established the Mitsubishi Foundation in 1969. The companies are also active individually in supporting worthy causes through their own charitable foundations and in other ways. Mitsubishi pavilions have been highlights of expositions in Japan since the historic EXPO'70 in Osaka in 1970. In every way, the companies take part actively in the life of the community they serve.

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