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Bluetooth Mobile Devices

Mitsubishi iLink System - Connect Your Mobile Phone to Your Mitsubishi via Bluetooth

Mitsubishi Link System - Connect Your Mobile Phone to Your Mitsubishi

Meet Link System, your automobile's hands-free system. Integrated into your vehicle's navigation or audio system, this technology allows you to enjoy full hands-free use of your phone and media players. Link System also utilizes speech recognition to allow navigation of the system via voice commands, touch switches on the steering wheel or navigation touch screen display. See for yourself how hands-free technology lets you stay in control, without ever being out of touch.

The Mitsubishi FUSE Hands-Free Link System combines an all-new voice-recognition system and Bluetooth® interface with USB port to provide a multimedia hub.


FUSE Hands-Free Link System adds additional voice commands for improved hands free control of phones and adds voice command control to music players including iPods and other USB media devices. FUSE Hands-Free Link System can recognize up to seven different phones for handsfree calling with Bluetooth®. Phonebook contacts are automatically synced from each phone paired with the system. Imported phonebook names can be read and spoken by the system. A voice-training mode allows the user to fine tune voice recognition to his or her voice.

Music Features

Audio can be streamed (A2DP, AVRCP) from a user's Bluetooth® phone that has a digital audio player (MP3), and song information can be displayed (if supported by phone).

NOTE: A2DP is "Advanced Streaming Audio Distribution Profile and AVRCP is "Audio/Video Remote Control Profile"

Device control is possible via the audio head unit, providing the ability to access pause, play, forward and back controls. USB connectivity is possible for iPods, MP3 players, and mass storage devices. Music can be selected and played via voice recognition or system display, and music cataloging is possible. Devices can be charged via USB (if compatible), and system software updates are possible via USB Re-flash.

Pairing - Vehicles without Navigation

The pairing procedure is exactly the same as the previous hands-free system using voice recognition.

  1. Press the Speech button and say "setup pairing options".
  2. The system will prompt you through the pairing process.

Pairing - Vehicles with Navigation

The phone can be paired using 2 different methods:

  • Voice Recognition - Same as the previous handsfree system
  • Navigation Display Pairing - A device can be paired using the prompts on the HDD Navigation Screen.

Voice Commands

The FUSE Hands-Free Link System is very easy to use. It utilizes the following voice commands that perform various tasks, to perform various functions which may require additional voice commands to complete. If additional commands are needed, you will be prompted for them. Begin by pressing the SPEECH Button:

To make or control a call


To manage a phonebook


To setup a Bluetooth® phone, system or USB device


To train the voice recognition system (If it continually does not understand your commands)


To control an iPod or USB music device


To ask what commands are available at any point in any process


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